A look at the facade of our house as it changed over almost three years of renovations

A look at the things I want more (and less) of in my life

Little girl in a Wonder Woman costume blowing out candles on cupcakes. Mom in a shiny red wig crouched beside her, looking on

A tale of turning four and the parents who managed a party.

Photo by ROOM on Unsplash

A few straightforward ways to improve hiring practices for a better applicant experience

On remembering the people you loved while letting go of what they left behind

Photos courtesy of the author

As we find ourselves in dark times, it’s up to us to shine a light on the next phase of the internet

Photo: Brian Caissie/Getty Images

Cassie McDaniel

Words, design, community. Leading w/ kindness. Product Design manager @ Webflow. Prev. Glitch, Mozilla, Adobe, Women&&Tech, Jane & Jury. cassiemcdaniel.com

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