• Kelly Nealon

    Kelly Nealon

    web designer for @shopterrain /// MICA and UMD alum /// retired Disney princess /// philly-based

  • H Paul Johnson

    H Paul Johnson

    enjoy being

  • Pantry (Greg Bolton)

    Pantry (Greg Bolton)

    I used to sell food. Now I just eat it.

  • Jonathan Armstrong

    Jonathan Armstrong

    Freelance Art Director, Designer & music enthusiast. Worked with brands like Nike, Sprint, Wrigley's all the way down to local homegrowns like Canada Goose.

  • Bill Hinderman

    Bill Hinderman

    International Speaker. Founder of Shortwave. Author of Building Responsive Data Visualization for the Web. Web and Experimentation Manager at Vivid Seats.

  • Dilshod


    Ui/Ux Designer

  • Patty Delgado

    Patty Delgado

    Not to be confused with Patty Mayonnaise or Peppermint Patty, but will gladly accept comparisons to Patty Cake.

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