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  • Miriam Sabrina Taveras

    Miriam Sabrina Taveras

    Poet | Word Collector | Learner | An alien elbowing into her space.

  • Martha Stott

    Martha Stott

    Martha Stott is a writer and workshop facilitator focusing on workplace issues, personal growth, health, and curiosities.

  • Hannah Galloway

    Hannah Galloway

    Female tech leader, enjoys exploring divergent ideas & using my power for good.

  • Michael Siliski

    Michael Siliski

    products, software, data, cities, housing, mobility, San Francisco, Boston sports, minds, music, coffee, spirits, funny stuff, beautiful stuff, amazing stuff

  • Brigette Metzler

    Brigette Metzler

    researcher, counter of things, PhD student, public servant…into user research, information architecture, ontology, data. Intensely optimistic.

  • Yvonne Passavant Deming

    Yvonne Passavant Deming

  • Maxim Leyzerovich

    Maxim Leyzerovich

  • Dezzie García

    Dezzie García

    I like thinking, eating, and taking stuff apart. Product Design for @IBMWatson at @IBMDesign Austin, @NotreDame alum from @CityofSantaAna. Se habla español.

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